Digitally Native

Your company was born and raised on the internet. It’s great that you don’t have the same operating expenses as a traditional brick and mortar retailer, but you also lose transparency on your customers who come to your website with short attention spans. How do you convert online traffic to loyal customers?

Digitally native brands experience major challenges

  • Inventory allocation - figuring out how much inventory to buy to avoid unexpected markdowns or out-of-stocks. Understanding which products to feature on the home page to drive purchases and engagement
  • Pricing - balancing lower price points to convert new customers and increase sell through with higher ones to maximize gross margin and brand value
  • Understanding your customer - what are my customer demographics? What other brands do they buy? What do they do in their spare time? Where do they work?

Currently, you may use surveys or dig through your historical data to solve these challenges. But you probably found that surveys are not accurate and that historical data can only get you so far. Claire can help you with

  • Accurate inventory predictions - together with your merchants, we can predict inventory levels accurately, which increases full-price sell through and gross margin dollars for you
  • Pricing strategically - testing price points to understand which ones open up new customer segments and whether current customers are willing to pay more for your products
  • Customer profiling - understanding what demographics comprise your current and future customer segments

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