Private Label

You’re creating products within or for a larger retail organization. You usually have a large and diverse customer base, which makes it difficult to predict their purchase behavior. How do you make the right product assortment for your customers?

Retailers selling private label products face many challenges

  • Inventory allocation - figuring out how much inventory to buy to avoid unexpected markdowns or out-of-stocks
  • Diverse customer base - with a diverse customer base, it’s difficult to know what products will resonate among the main customers and the niche segments in your CRM
  • Understanding your customer - what are my customer demographics? What other brands do they buy? What do they do in their spare time? Where do they work?

Currently, you may use focus groups and in-store testing to answer these questions, but these methods take months to complete and are impossible to scale.

  • Accurate inventory predictions - together with your merchants, we can predict inventory levels accurately, which increases full-price sell through and gross margin dollars for you
  • Targeted product suggestions - using demographic profiling technology, we provide you with highly targeted product recommendations. Make product X for demographic Z.
  • High engagement - we’re the most engaging platform on the market, with completion and re-engagement rates 10X higher than the industry average, which means you can scale these insights across your entire product line

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