You sell or purchase your products in bulk. Both as as buyer or a merchant, you need to ensure that your customers resonate with your product or else you may damage your relationship and not meet your financial goals.

Wholesale retailers and brands have many challenges

  • Inventory allocation - figuring out which design will resonate with customers 12 months in advance and allocating inventory accordingly
  • Sampling costs - samples are expensive and take a long time to create and iterate
  • Understanding your customer - what are my customer demographics? What other brands do they buy? What do they do in their spare time? Where do they work?

Currently, you may rely on your historical data or a customer polling vendor to solve these challenges. But you probably found that historical data can only get you so far and engaging your customers is difficult . Claire can help you with

  • Accurate inventory predictions - together with your merchants, we can predict inventory levels accurately, which increases full-price sell through and gross margin dollars for you
  • High engagement - we’re the most engaging platform on the market, with completion and re-engagement rates 10X higher than the industry average, which means you’ll get statistically accurate results and can easily re-engage your customers
  • Lighting fast testing - you get results in 24-48 hours

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